Weddings are meant to be one of the most memorable days in a persons life.

Subsequently, they are held in splendor and opulence. In the current economic climate, people still want to have a grand affair while watching their budget. Keeping an eye on a few of the least thought about cost can help your wedding bill total out affordably.

Wedding Photo Overages

Most wedding photographers offer packages when it comes to weddings, of course, they

must be booked in advance and have a set time limit. What they usually don’t tell you is

that they charge per hour any amount of time outside of the contract. Opt to have your

pictures taken prior to socializing and also plan for an additional two hours when booking

your photographer. This can save you around $500

Alterations at the tailor

Wedding dresses are usually the main expense a woman faces during her wedding. Being

that the dresses are unique and meant to be worn only once, they carry a high price tag.

Most stores won’t list that there is an additional fee every time you need to have the dress

altered. Always ask the about the alteration policy and charges prior to purchase. Also

keep in mind that you don’t have to use the in store seamstress, there are plenty local

ones who charge only a fraction of the departmental rate.


Every couple wants an elegant and customized invitation for their special day, and there

is not reason why you shouldn’t have one. Keep in mind that your invitations must be

mailed, and the post offices charges per size and weight. Avoid the overly heavy and

boxed invitations that can easily cost you $3 per card to send.

Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a time for all the women in the bride’s life to come together and

reminisce, give advice, and just hang out. The cake should be special as this is a special

occasion. This is the time to get your specialty cake created in a shape like a dove,

wedding bells, wedding bands, or something similar. If you plan to have a little male

attention at the shower, have the private dancer bring the cake! If your bride is fun and

spontaneous she will get a kick out of the present!

Lemon and coconut loaf cake

This is an easy to make and hand idea for food gifts. It is also not limited to one way of

being served. If you are the recipient of one of these holiday gift, you can place it out for

your guest at tea time, as an easy morning breakfast, or as a delicately light desert after

your family meal.

Wedding Cake and Favors

Specialty cakes can be created for many holidays and celebrations. These cakes are

decorated with themed decorations to match the occasion. Specialty cakes can also

make a great gift. Cakes serve as a center piece in many celebrations such as weddings,

birthdays, and bridal or baby showers. If you are put on cake duty, there are many ideas

for presenting the specialty cake that will please everyone.

At an event as intimate as a wedding, more times that not someone in the bride or grooms

immediate family will be presenting the cake. The cake holds a very significant role in

weddings and it is important that it be what the bride and groom would want. This gift

will more than likely not be a surprise as most brides want to know every element of their

big day. Try getting the specialty cake centered in the reception room for everyone to see.

Adding lighting to it or placing the cake in an area that is well lit will definitely bring

light to the splendor.

Wedding cake boxes are unique boxes made of fabric. The boxes are single, double,

or triple layer boxes. They are designed to fit the size of the specialty cake you are

purchasing. You can choose to get the box decorated in the wedding colors. The box can

be made to have flowers, beads, or ribbon. Whatever your decorating preferences are

they will create for you. Once the wedding is over, the bride and groom still have the

wonderful cake box to remember that special moment. You can wrap specialty cakes in

individual slices. There are cake boxes that are the size of a cake slice. These boxes are

ideal for passing out as favors.

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Transportation for rented items

Most weddings require the use of a rental company to supply tables, chairs and other

items for your entire group of guest. For these items are typically charged on a per

item basis, what most companies don’t list is that the transportation fee isn’t included

in the per item or overall order bill. Always find out the details of the deliver charges,

you may find that it will cost you less to go with an company that has a higher per item

fee but covers transportation than one that has a lower per item cost and bills transport


These are a few of the hidden cost that can really add up in a wedding budget, there are

a few other simple tip that can slash the budget even further without detracting from

the beauty of the event. Try to avoid putting extra people on the guest list, you mailman

or your doctor are really that close, so you can save on the invitation and catering cost.

There is a such thing called wedding season for a reason, it’s a highly popular time, of

course, time and space becomes a premium commodity, consider having your wedding

during an off time of the year, not only will you save money, but your guest will thank

you in that their yearly gift budget wont be used all at one time of the year. Choose any

day but Saturday for your wedding, it is the most expensive day to host an event. While

small tables are intimate, opting for are table cuts down on the amount of extra decoration

you will need. Use flowers that are in season as well as non organic décor such as lamps

and candles. All of these tips are great to help you plan your wedding on a budget which

will allow you to splurge on your honeymoon.