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When you have to make an event planning you have to think about a lot of details in advance. If you want to surprise your best friend or a spouse with an adult birthday party, you have to think first what would be the party theme and after that consider all the details about it.

You may choose between a colorful party theme like “black and white party”, “neon party”, “yellow, orange, red, blue, green party” and a party connected to another topic – for instance, “retro party” or “beach party”.

Tips to Planning an Adult Birthday Party

After making the choice, you have to write down a guest list and think about what party it would be – a party for the close friends or a party “the more the merrier”. When you are ready with the list, you have to send invitations to the guests in which you have to include

the party theme. Everyone should be dressed according to the theme. Also, it is  an excellent complement if you could find a birthday cake which is connected to the topic of the adult birthday party. The next most important thing about a theme party is choosing the right music. If it is a retro party, then you may ask a friend which is keen on that kind of music, to help you with choosing the songs.

If it is a big party, you may consider hiring a catering firm, which would be responsible for serving the drinks, setting the dinner table and the decoration. All you have to do is to plan the birthday party menu.