Baby Shower Games To Remember

Usually the most memorable part of the baby shower is the games that are played during the party. This should be a clear indicator that we need to put as much thought into this part of the party as in any other part of the baby shower. To make the games more interesting and more relaxed it would be good to go around the room and have everybody introduce themselves and tell their own story of how they met the mother of the shower. This kind of ice-breaker activity is very helpful in creating a relaxed atmosphere and strengthening the bond between the attendees and the mother.

When setting off on a quest to find the perfect baby shower games some considerations must be kept in mind. One needs to take into consideration the people that are coming to the shower. If it’s going to be a family only party specific games can be inappropriate or even boring to such a group. On the other hands if the group is composed of people who do not know each other, games that will put focus on the acquaintance of the attendees or exploring of certain aspects of their lives, can be very fun and enjoyable.

For those that are tech savvy, there is an app on iPhone that contains all in one baby shower games which will make the shower IT oriented and full of the newest games on the market. However if technology is foreign to those that are attending the shower or to those that are throwing the shower, there is always the old fashioned games that one can rely on. Keep in mind that the fun factor is the same for both groups.

The baby shower favorite game by many standards is guessing the mothers tummy size. All one needs to play this simple but fun game is a piece of yarn and scissors. Each person pulls out a piece of string that they believe represents the circumference of the mothers tummy and then they measure their string around the mother’s tummy. The one who is closest wins, and he/she should be awarded for their precision.

Another baby shower favorite is passing diapers, however the diapers are filled with hot chocolate which gives this game a fun and dirty twist. Music is played and everyone sits in a circle and passes the dirty diapers, when the music stops the one holding the dirty diapers is out and round it goes. This is a nice variation of the duck, duck goose game for children, but without the constant running and chasing.

Perhaps the most fun game is blindfold diapering of dolls. This game draws a lot of laughs from everybody and is very fun for all involved. Besides blindfolds and baby dolls, this game requires teams to be formed, usually two teams consisting of 4 or more women. The goal is to take off the diapers off of the baby doll and put new ones on, but blindfolded. When one team member finishes this task she runs to the next team member who in turn has to do the same. The team that finishes the diaper challenge first, wins the game.

The above mentioned games are fun and easy to do, and should be incorporated into the baby shower if one know that the attendees have a good sense of humor and are not competitive. If there is a competitive drive amongst the attendees, games which stress competition and the fact that someone must lose in order that someone else wins should be avoided. All in all the baby shower games should be fun and nurturing, and should present the high point of the party.