What is the difference between an Event Manager and Event Coordinator

When you have an event planning, you’d better find a professional to do the whole work. Most people get a bit confused about the differences between an event manager and an event coordinator. According to some people the main difference between these two professions is the amount of experience which they have. Most people use the title “event planner” in stead of “event manager” because it is closer to idea what client needs. When a person has to choose between these two professionals in subconscious level he/she connects the “event planner” with ” planning a party” and hires this person.

When you hire a manager, this person organizes the entire event. If we compare a manager to a director, the director has more authority than the manager. However, if we compare a manager to coordinator, the coordinator would be something like an employee to the manager. The manager can work in a special company or by himself, for 12 hours a day or more until he/she meets the deadline. He/she makes all the necessary calls, thinks about all the details about the event, organizes a public campaign when it is necessary. You may just tell him/her that you need a certain type of party or event, and he/she will take care of it.

On the other side the event coordinator is a person who organizes the whole party or event according to your ideas and he/she is also present during the event. If there are some small problems, he/she finds a way out before you have even noticed them. He/she takes care everything goes very smooth on the event.