If you are planning a baby shower for your close friend who is going to have a baby very

soon, you may think first weather you want to make a theme party or not. Everything could

be just perfect with or without a certain theme for the event planning, depending on the

organization for the party. However, if you know the gender of the baby, you may choose

between a blue party – for a boy, and a pink party – for a girl. Have in mind that color theme

parties are more typical for grown ups, not for babies. So when you consider you want a

theme for the baby shower, then be creative and think of something fun. For instance, if all

the women are dressed like pregnant women, it will make the future mother at the right place.

All you need is to ask the guests to place a pillow in front of their body and tied it to the body.

If it is a second or a third child for the lady, you have to know that this woman already has all

the necessary staff for the baby. She does not need more baby clothes and cradles. So make

this party more of a “mommy shower”. Non – alcohol drinks and sexy underwear will be

included in the presents. The idea is to give the future mother the feeling that very soon she

will give a birth, and after some exercises she will have the sexy and confident look she had