Favorite Recipes for Bridal Shower

After the question has been popped and the wedding date is set, the next best thing is to schedule

your bridal shower. Like the actual wedding itself, you have to prepare a to-do list for your bridal

shower. One of the factors that may actually liven up your bridal shower is the choice of only the

most delicious and sumptuous foods and drinks. If you are one of the modern brides who want

to ‘green’ their wedding, you might consider preparing the foods in your own bridal shower.

Here are some practical tips including some recipes for your shower.

You may try preparing festive foods and beverages. First are the tidbits. Of course, finger foods

are a staple to various parties including bridal showers. What makes finger foods popular is its

flexibility in relation to the menu apart from being inexpensive. For instance, finger foods can

be either an appetizer or an entrée item. Some of the finger foods that you can prepare are pocket

pies, tartlets, rolls, samosa and skewers. If you want, you may prepare an appetizer platter. You

will never run out of ideas to put in your platter. Nevertheless, seafood, fruits and cheese platters

are some of the most famous platters during bridal shower.

Second are the salads. Salads are very diverse. You may prepare vegetable and/or fruit salads as

well as entrée salads. There is also no limit to what you can put in your salads especially in green

salads. This can be also served cold and hot. Tossed salads are often served cold while pasta-
based salads are served warm but often incorporated with raw vegetables and fruits. Potato and

chicken salads as well as fruit salads are commonly served during bridal showers. Fresh garden

salad, which consist tomato, cucumber and lettuce, is also very popular.

Third are the sweet servings. Dessert is a fundamental component of any menu, and the bridal

shower menu is not an exemption. Include small portions of each dessert, making it easier for the

guests to sample each dessert. Presentation will definitely count so consider having a separate

sweets table or a mini dessert bar. If you want, you may use a tiered stand where you will put all

the desserts by color, for instance. For extra sweetness, consider installing a chocolate fountain

on the side. Some of the most common deserts are puff, tarts, mini cakes, mallows, pies, fruits

and candies. Cake balls, wrapped-up cookies, nut morsels and shortbreads are also increasingly

popular in bridal showers.

Fourth are the beverages including cocktail drinks. You have to kick start the party mood

through bottomless dazzling drinks that best complement your bridal shower menu. As much

as possible, you have to strike a balance between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks more so

because not all of your guests will be into drinking alcoholic beverages. You do not want to

offend your guests by serving beverages that they will not necessarily drink. Champagne, punch

margaritas and piña coladas are the most common drinks during bridal showers.

It will be up to you if you are going to serve heavy meals or not. Your choice of appetizers and

salads must not be too light or too heavy. Consider preparing meat trays, for example, if your

bridal shower will be a luncheon or a dinner. Your guests will expect a lot from your menu if

it is going to be a sit-down even either at-home or in a restaurant. This brings us to the next

component of our discussion which is your considerations and specifications. Basically, what

you will serve during your bridal shower will depend not just on your budget but also the mood

you want to convey other than the time of the day that the bridal shower will be conducted.

The key to making your bridal shower a success is to keep your menu simple. Some soon-
to-weds want to have a breakfast bridal shower, and like any normal breakfast, a traditional

breakfast which include French toast, omelets and pancakes must be included in the menu. The

meat combo of sausage, ham and bacon is always appetizing. Other than fruit juices, you should

serve hot chocolate, cappuccino, tea and coffee. Most breakfast bridal showers are served in a

buffet style where guests can use dishware that matches your wedding motif. For instance, you

may use decorative paper plates or you may just commission your local paper plate manufacturer

to customize the paper plates for you.

If the bridal shower will be in between breakfast and lunch, serve a multi-course brunch thus

with dishes that are both savory and sweet. You may serve meat sandwiches as well as scones

and cupcakes. Certainly, you have to serve a variety of beverages including sparkling water and

tea. Fresh fruit platter will be much welcomed as well.

If the bridal shower will be in the mid-afternoon, it would be best to dish up an all-dessert menu.

An assortment of fruit-based sorbets and flourless cupcakes would make the afternoon party light

and cozy. Serve sorbets in glass shots or sorbet spoons if you want. Complement the menu with

alcoholic and non-alcoholic punch as well.

Bridal showers occurring at dinnertime are more traditional yet you may add modern twists to

the classic menu. For example, you may your friends’ favorite comfort food and modernized

them by adding your own unique flare into them. Some of the most favorite comfort foods are

chicken soup, corn on the cob, apple pie, beef stew and tuna casserole. Serve this with red wine

or beer which almost always goes perfectly with various hearty fares.

In sum, the bridal shower menu is as important as the wedding reception menu. Same with

the actual wedding, the bridal shower is also a gathering of the bride-to-be’s closest friends,

celebrating the coming milestone in the hostess’ life. As it is expected to be filled with fun,

guests also expect to fill their tummies with only the most sumptuous yet delectable fare.

However, your bridal shower menu need not be exaggerated. Consider a menu that fits your

budget and that your guests will surely appreciate.