Great Ideas for Celebrating an Intimate Anniversary Party with Your Spouse

anniversary party tips

For every couple who enjoys reminiscing special events in their lives, celebrating their wedding anniversary party is always an exciting moment they look forward to each year. On this occasion, couples are able to show their appreciation of their marriage; hence it must be celebrated with much love and happiness. Yet compared to other parties, a wedding anniversary is often an intimate occasion that will enable spouses to spend time alone with one another by celebrating the event filled with fun, surprises and love. So take note of the following tips on how to give your partner a wedding anniversary he or she will surely enjoy.

First thing you need to do is to plan the event weeks prior to the actual date of the anniversary party so that every important detail are arranged and there will be no confusion. You can check documents such as photos, videos and journals you had from your previous celebrations so you’ll know how you enjoyed your anniversary last time and won’t have to re-do the same theme that will surely bore your partner and lost interest on your special event.

A great way of celebrating a wedding anniversary is to have your alone time at home (have your kids sleepover to their grandparents or aunts/uncles even only for that special day), then view your wedding albums or videos while enjoying personally prepared food of your favorite dishes. Doing this type of activity during your anniversary party feels more special since you prepared everything by yourself and have some bonding time with your partner while looking at old memories from the day you two vowed to be together.

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If it’s impossible for you and your spouse to have a private celebration at home, you can plan for a romantic getaway for you special day.  This idea is in fact common among many couples since it devoid them of preparations and aside from celebrating their anniversary party more intimately, they are also able to travel and get a break from their busy schedule. Visit places that are relevant to both of you such as where you had your honeymoon or where you two had your first vacation together as a couple as this will bring back wonderful memories from the past. If you wish to surprise your partner, then opt for a place that you haven’t visited yet to give a more exciting vibe and mystery to your celebration.

Wedding anniversaries must not be ignored because it is such a special event that you and your spouse deserves to celebrate. This is the time of the year where you can be thankful about having such a wonderful partner in life and what more perfect way of showing your love and appreciation to your wife or husband but by enjoying your wedding anniversary party together.