Guidelines in Wedding Planning that is Truly Special Yet Inexpensive

Wedding Planning Ideas

Every girl dream of having a truly unforgettable wedding and any guy who truly loves that woman is determined to give her that wish. But in reality, getting married can be very expensive that’s why many women often fail to have their dream wedding. Worry no more because I will share with you some great ideas on wedding planning that is not only memorable but won’t also cost you an arm and a leg. All you need to do is follow my tips below that only require your dedication, creative and a bit of your time.

Choosing a Wedding Gown and Suit

You don’t need to wear a designer gown or suit to be the most beautiful bride and dashing groom on your big day. You can opt to buy second-hand gowns and suit. Most of the time, second-hand gowns or suits are used only once they are usually in mint condition. You can do some changes on the design of the gown to give it a more personal look that represents your own style. Renting a gown or suit is another option too in order to save extra cash.

Finding a Reception

Usually, this is the part of the wedding planning that is hard to manage as it cost almost half of all marriage expenses. However, as costly it may seem, the reception is also the simplest part to cut down the budget.  Set a definite number of guests by inviting only those people closest to you and your partner. Having an intimate wedding surrounded by those individuals whom you know truly cares for both of you will make it even more special, not to mention help you save in the reception cost. Instead of having the reception in a costly hotel, why not have it at home (provided you have a large vacant space), a restaurant or club? Just select food menu that you know your guests will surely enjoy and serve drinks in a minimum.

tips in Wedding planning

Hiring a Photographer

Photos are special since they hold the memories on your special day yet it does not mean you need a super expensive photographer to capture those special moments. One tip on wedding planning on a budget is to look for the best rates when it comes to photo and video services. Some photo studio offers packages with corresponding prices you can choose from. If you know someone who’s good at taking pictures, you can even ask them to do the favor of taking your wedding photos which they might even do for free!

Invitations, Flowers, Cake, Car and Give-away

Design, print and distribute your own wedding invitations using inexpensive stationary papers and envelopes. Buy flowers on a wholesale and choose those varieties that won’t hurt your pocket. Ask a relative or a friend to bake the cake and don’t go over the top with size since it’s not necessary anyway. Luxury car is not essential; instead use your own car or that of a relative. Lastly, another great money saving idea in wedding planning is to make your own give-away so you can personally design it and make your guests feel more special knowing it’s made out of your own labor.

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