Hosting a Basketball Themed Event

Ever want to host a basketball themed birthday party? Or a banquet or dinner with your friends, but don’t have any idea how to start doing so? Well, we’ve gathered some basketball party theme ideas that could help you for you to stop worrying about how your planned party would turn out.

Let’s start off with the decorations. This is one of the most important parts of your planned theme to show up. Since we want the theme to be a basketball theme, pick colors like orange, yellow and black. These are the neutral colors for a basketball. Have a basketball themed banner, or make a personalized one and do-it-yourself!

Next thing would be the foods. You can bake cupcakes and top them up with some basketball design, or bake a cupcake that is color orange and spread out some black icing on the top to make it look like a basketball. Or make some burgers and design them to look like a basketball, or you can order a personalized cake or bake your own (if you have the time and know how to do it.) There are so many ways to make it more fun and theme-oriented. Get more ideas here:

Don’t forget the games! Make some games to make the party even more exciting. Have something that everyone could participate with. You can involve a biodegradable water balloons and each time someone gets “dunked” with a balloon, you can have your guests scream “Slam Dunk!” If would be a messy one, but I assure it would give a lot of fun.

Give out some party souvenirs. It is one way of having your guests remember your party. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to make it a memorable one.