How To Organize A Graduation Party Dinner

Graduation can be included in the list of top three most important events in people’s life. The other two probably will be getting married and having your first child. So a duty of the parents is organizing this special occasion and they have to plan everything in advance. Basically there are two main possibilities for them: the first one is organizing everything on their own, and the second – hiring a special agency to prepare the event which is the easier option but not anyone could afford it. Graduation party dinner should be organized with much love, patience and attention to any detail. Here are some simple tips of things you should consider when you are getting prepared for this significant party.

1)      First of all, it is a graduation party dinner and we want to emphasize on the word “graduation”. If you have bigger budget, you may organize the event in a restaurant with a DJ and even a swimming pool. On the other hand, if your budget is tied up, you can decorate your own house and ask a friend to be your DJ for the night. Having many balloons, flowers and other colorful items which you can use for decoration, will make a fantastic atmosphere. It is a graduation party so it is supposed to be fun and energetic so you need to invite many young people.

2)      Second, make the guest list with your child, the one who is actually celebrating. Invite only people who he likes and wants them to be there for him. Most parents make a mistake when they invite all friends and relatives, including cousins which the child has seen only 2-3 times. If you stick to the logo “the more, the merrier”, do not confuse it with inviting many boring people.

3)      Although it is a dinner, it is not a family dinner so it does not need to be around the table. Making sandwiches, non- alcoholic cocktails and big fancy cake is enough for a great party. If guests are hungry, they can have a bite while they are talking or dancing. Sitting around the table is a premise to having a boring party.

4)      Next, you need to think about the music. It has to be energetic and entertaining so you better ask your child to give you advice about it. It will be a good idea if he makes a list of his favorite songs and give it to you. That way you will get the basic idea what music should be played at the party. A famous DJ, playing music at the party will drive the people crazy so if you can afford it, do not save money on it.

5)      Presents are one of the most important parts of a graduation party dinner. Do not make a list of presents like the wedding lists. Let any guest choose the present on his own because this gift should be special. It will show the connection of this person to your child so let guests be creative. Some of them may collect money and get a big present, like a camera or a laptop, while others can make hand-made gifts.

6)      Hiring a professional photographer for the party, will make this graduation dinner party perfect. In a couple of days after the party, you can make a special album with the photos. It will be better if you could find some of the guests to write a sentence under their photo. The other option of this idea is asking every guest to bring an old photo with the person who is the center of the party and at the back of the photo to write something as a souvenir.