Responsibilities Of An Event Planner

The responsibilities of an Event Planner, exactly what are they? The sort answer – Everything to make the Event a Success. the long answer can get very complicated. An event weather it is a birthday party, fundraiser, funeral or wedding requires careful planning, that is why the smart money hires someone who claims to be familiar with event planning to fill in the gaps and draws on their experience to head off mistakes. With that in mind, let us look at some of the most common responsibilities. Be mindful that all of the responsibilities are based on contractual or even verbal agreements.


It is the responsibility of the Event Planner to ensure, thing flow as smoothly as possible, this mean when some does not show up, they have a backup plan, when food or drink is in short supply. they have a backup plan, when security is needed they have a backup plan and when the money is short, they have a backup plan. Many Event Planners see themselves as glorified assistants, they expect to show up, provide a few basic functions, maybe serving food, ushering guest and dressing up the venue pick up the check and leave. While all of these duties are important, event Planners are hired to deal with the unexpected and maintain order. Putting a list of Todos and i don’t does not a Event Planner make.