Small Baby Shower Favors That Mean A Lot

Baby shower favors should be small appreciation gifts that show your thanks to those that attended the party. They should also remind the attendee of how fun the party was and should keep the memory of the shower strong for quite some time. This however is not an excuse to go on a spending spree or to invest a lot of time in them. Remember small and cute. Those that have chosen a theme for their shower can also use the theme when creating their favors, which can make their job much easier.

A frequent question is when to give out the baby shower favors. It is individually up to the host. Some choose to give it at the end, some at the beginning. There is no clear rule here one should follow his heart. You can choose to pull them all on a table so your guests can take one when they leave, or you can decorate the rooms with colorful favors. Another option would be to distribute them along the prizes that attendees win, but care should be taken that everyone gets their favor.

The other question that is frequently posed is what type of favors to give out. The all time favorite is of course food items. They are popular because of the versatility and taste. Food items will allow you to connect the theme of the shower, if you have one, with the food and also create a unique, cute package that gives that additional sparkle to the favors.

If one doesn’t have a lot of time for the creation of favors but still wants it customized, the best solution would be to go online and find chefs that create custom food items that are usually accompanied by customized packaging. These sorts of favors are destined to go over well with the crowd. Again it is important to make sure that the customized food doesn’t have ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction.

The following represent a couple of ideas that can help you decide which food types to use. Candy bars are an all time favorite, especially if you took the time to design your own packaging where you can give thanks or even insert a funny quote or line. Snack packs are also great, however to create a memorable snack pack one must spend a bit more money than when choosing candy. Also one needs to keep in mind the allergies to nuts or other food types when making snack packs because no one will remember your shower in a positive light if the food gives them an allergic reaction. Novelty candy is also a party favorite. Filling a baby bottle with candy or incorporating jewelry can be a fun and interesting way to put a new twist on favors.

A great food related idea for a favor is to bake small buns in the oven and to put them in a bag tied with a cute ribbon. An additional touch would be to add a small note that thanks the attendees for coming.

Another idea that you can use is beauty products as favors. Keeping in mind that most showers are women exclusive you can not go wrong when giving out beauty products. A couple of tinny products will be all you need, you can gather them all over malls or drug emporiums. Lotions, creams and makeup are an excellent choice when it comes to baby shower favors.

The baby favor should be small and cute. Remember to spend on your own budget if you chose to add a certain fun twist to your favor, have fun and enjoy the baby shower.