Tips for Running a Great Political Fundraising Dinner

Planning a political fundraising dinner, take a little bit of thinking. Our guest bloger shares 6 important tips that will get you started with planning a successful political fundraiser.

6 Tips for Running a Great Political Fundraising Dinner

By Joe Garecht

Events can and should be an integral part of your campaign’s fundraising plan. While no campaign should rely solely on political fundraising dinners to raise the majority of their budget, every campaign should have a strategy in place for effectively using events as part of their revenue mix. Here are six tips for running a great political fundraising dinner:

1. Make it a Team Effort

Great political fundraising dinners start with strong host committees. Before planning your event, put together a 5-10 person host committee tasked with selling tickets and raising money for the event.

2. Keep Expenses Low

Donors want to make sure you are using their money wisely. Most attendees don’t expect caviar and champagne at your dinner. Do your best to keep expenses low, and try to have catering and materials donated whenever possible.

3. Offer Multiple Levels

If the only gift level for your political fundraising dinner is the ticket price, you’re missing out on other giving opportunities. Make sure you offer a low, medium and high giving level for your event (think: tickets (low), tables or sponsors (medium) and VIPs (high)).

4. Make it Convenient

Your goal should be to make sure it is as easy as possible for people to attend your event. Hold it in a central location, give people plenty of notice, and offer online and phone registration and payment.

5. Stay on Top of Your Event

One major mistake candidates often make with fundraising dinners is that they don’t keep close track of progress of ticket sales, sponsorships, and revenue. Don’t take your volunteers word for it… keep track and stay on top of fundraising for your event.

6. Follow Up

In direct marketing, they say “the money is in the list.” The same is true in political fundraising. Thank your event donors and attendees right away, then add them to your mailing lists. Keep them updated and informed, and you’ll be able to go back to them for more funds later in the campaign cycle.

Remember, with a well written event plan and a good team together, political fundraising dinners can and should be an integral part of your campaign fundraising efforts. Widgets

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