March Madness is the period when college basketball teams compete for the championship. It starts with “Selection Sunday,” when 64 NCAA Men’s and Women’s basketball teams are selected to go to the “Big Dance”—the NCAA Division I Basketball Championship tournament. So when is the perfect time to throw a party? The safest time to have a party to celebrate your favorite college basketball team is on the first weekend of the tournament.

So to start the party out, here are some helpful guides and tips:

Set a date for you party. It is very important to have your date set so you’ll have exact day given for your party. Most of the March Madness Party are being thrown when its down with the final four team.

Make party invitations. Send out party invitations to your guests or anyone you wanted to be present on your party. Having game brackets as your party invitations would be a good idea. You can have the guests fill out the brackets before or the moment they arrive at the party and start the fun off with a basketball pool for everybody to dive in, and have each guest guess the score for each team and determine the winner. It would have it really fun and exciting!

Plan the Menu. Yes, foods are very important, so don’t ever forget them! You can cook your own menu for the party; get some recipe ideas from this site: or you can just order pizza and fried chicken from a fast food so you’ll never have to sweat it out.

Have some decorations. Make your party venue more interesting by setting out decorations. You will want to have to stick with a theme and since it’s a basketball game, it’s better to have orange and black color decorations. You can find some ideas here:

Prepare some games. You’re throwing out a party, so you wouldn’t want the in between games be boring. You can play your own basketball game in the driveway or in the park down the street, or create some trivia questions that are basketball related for everyone to participate in.

Play in some music. Because why not? A party would be boring without it!